Expat mortgage

Expat mortgage

First class mortgage advice for expats

Pro Finance Amsterdam offers excellent independent mortgage advice for expats living in Amsterdam. Our services are very accessible, all the more because all our documents are available in English.


Over the past decades Pro Finance has guided many expats in their search for a property and a mortgage that fit them like a glove. Pro Finance support you in the entire process, from finding a suitable home and getting you a mortgage, to handing over the keys at the civil notary office.

Rewarding experience

You will find out that buying an Amsterdam property can be a rewarding experience both personally and financially.

Financing your private home abroad

How you will finance your private home has major consequences for almost every aspect of your financial life, including your ability to maintain your desired lifestyle and to nurse your capital. A tailor-made mortgage is essential. At Pro Finance we care for your personal situation and help you choose the best mortgage, for now and later. We then select, together with you, the best mortgage bank for your situation.

Maximum mortgage for expats

It is advisable to speak to a Pro Finance consultant before you start looking for a suitable home. That way, you can find out which costs you should be able to cover with your mortgage, which price category best fits within your budget and what your monthly mortgage payments and other accommodation expenses will be.

First meeting free of charge

After the meeting with the consultant – which is free of charge –, you will be able to make an accurate assessment of the price category in which you can look for your new home. Hence you can act quickly when finding a suitable home and start negotiating about price and terms right away.

House quest for expats

There are a number of ways of finding a suitable place. You can search the internet and make selections and appointments yourself. On the other hand however, it is advisable to contact a real estate agent. Pro Finance has agreements with estate agents and surveyors on the rates and communication between the estate agent and you in English.

Purchase contract

After the price has been agreed, you must sign a purchase contract. In Amsterdam that happens at the notary. at the selling broker or among themselves. This contract determines when the mortgage must be completed and when the transfer of ownership will take place. This contract is often referred to as temporarily, which is a misleading term. 

Expat Mortgage application

We also want to make it as convenient as possible for you in this part of the process. That is why we work with checklists to collect all information. After collecting all the informatie, we will enter the market to compare lenders on the basis of interest and conditions. In this way we ultimately arrive at satisfactory advice for all parties.

Civil notary in English

It is not possible to transfer the ownership of a house in the Netherlands without engaging a civil-law notary. The civil-law notary is impartial for signing the deeds and transferring the money from and to parties. a translator will be present to make sure you fully understand the documents. We check the bill of settlement on behalf of our clients and are present during the conveyance procedure on request.

Taxes for expats

Before you make the first mortgage payment, we ensure that you already have a tax benefit, by providing a monthly refund.  You can appeal to us for annual tax returns. We have a certified tax advisor available for this. 

Insurances for expats

Different insurance policies apply to owning a house and a mortgage. We are happy to advise you independently about the possibilities and make a customized package for you.

This is what we call excellent independent mortgage advice.

Expat Mortgage Amsterdam
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TARIFFS 2021 - 2022


Mortgage advice sec.
(no mediation)

€ 1.250,-

*Mortgage full service EU member(s)

€ 2.750,-

*Mortgage full service Non EU member(s)

€ 3.750,-

* Mortgage explain situation

€ 4.750,-

Buy2Let mortgage

€ 2.750,-

Second opinion

€ 295,-

* Including bankgarantee / advice / mediation additional insurances
* No closing fees
* Payment in 12 installments possible
Minimum consulting tariff

€ 295,-

N-Show fee < 24 hours cancellation

€ 95,-

Traveling expenses ( we come to you)

€ 250,-

60 seconds introduction

Five easy steps to a mortgage for expats